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AYBS? Sound Clips


Some of my favorite sound clips from Are You Being Served? are here. If you've got any you'd like to share, please send them to me! Enjoy!

Due to some problems with the compression, I've converted all the clips to Real Audio format. Versions 3.0 and higher will have no trouble, earlier versions might require an upgrade. If you don't have Real Audio, visit their site for the program: Real Audio. You can download the full version RealPlayer Plus or the FREE version RealPlayer.

RealAudio 3.0 The theme song! Maybe I should make a Windows '95 sound setup!
RealAudio 3.0 "What do you do to get them in this state?"
RealAudio 3.0 "Come and sit next to me, Mr. Humphries, and give me a baby..."
RealAudio 3.0 "May I say what a pleasure it is having your son on the floor."
RealAudio 3.0 "Mr. Humphries, are you free?" "I'm free!"
RealAudio 3.0 "I'm free!"
RealAudio 3.0 "That Mr. Lucas just put his hands all over me stockings..."
RealAudio 3.0 "Hohoho little boy..."
RealAudio 3.0 "Stop him, Captain Peacock! I will not have rough workman's hands inside my bra."
RealAudio 3.0 "If it's all right with you, I'd like to drop my trousers and display my y-fronts."
RealAudio 3.0 "Having a bath at six o'clock in the morning..."
RealAudio 3.0 "Mrs. Slocombe, uncover your bust."
RealAudio 3.0 "Oh no, you have to have one foot in the grave before you move here...."
RealAudio 3.0 "Just dangle it out of the window..."
RealAudio 3.0 "I am capable of blowing my top!"
RealAudio 3.0 "I've never been this way before...."
RealAudio 3.0 "There is only one person who can tell me to get out of this office..."
RealAudio 3.0 "Hello, Men's Wear.." (Humphries)
RealAudio 3.0 "I don't want you on the floor at this time in the morning!"
RealAudio 3.0 "Oh hello, Mother!"
RealAudio 3.0 "She also claimed she was hit in the posterior by a paper clip..."
RealAudio 3.0 "I'm surprised you didn't wear the whole uniform."
RealAudio 3.0 "You no speaka to my papa lika that!"
RealAudio 3.0 "Mr. Humphries, I thought you were entirely the other way!"
RealAudio 3.0 "We're here!"
RealAudio 3.0 "I hope I never meet another woman like you ever again!"
RealAudio 3.0 "Bring the figures here, to my office...."
RealAudio 3.0 "Hello, Men's this is not Mr. Humphries!"

And what collection would be complete without the Sexy Knickers incident?

RealAudio 3.0 Mr. Lucas' Unfortunate Letter
RealAudio 3.0 Mrs. Slocombe's Reaction

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