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Fanmail Addresses

Please keep in mind that these actors receive a large amount of mail, so keeping your letters fairly brief (one page or less) would be appreciated. Let's not wear them out!

For international postage, your local post office should sell international postage vouchers which you can buy here and they can redeem in the UK for the appropriate return postage.


Frank Thornton and Trevor Bannister
c/o David Daly Associates
586A King's Road
London SW6 2DX

John Inman
c/o Bill Roberton
15 Brookland Hill
London NW11 6DU

Mollie Sugden
C/o Joan Reddin
Hazel Cottage
Wheeler End Common
Lane End
Buckinghamshire HP14 3NL

Wendy Richard
5 Denmark St
London WC1 8LP

Nicholas Smith
c/o Michelle Braidman
3rd floor
10/11 Lower John Street
London W1R 3PE England

Most of the other players can be contacted through the BBC, via the following address:

C/o Are You Being Served?
BBC Television
Television Center
Wood Lane
London W12 7RJ

Grace Brothers
Last Modified 02/09/00
CHristopher Danelutti