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Notice to Webmasters!

This site has been GPLed. For information about the Gnu Public License, see the legal pages. If you take information from this site, you are required to reproduce the GPL Agreement on your site, and you must allow others to copy and modify the pages you have copied under the agreement. The purpose of the agreement is to allow anyone to modify and enhance the material.

What this means:

  1. You are free to copy and/or modify any page on this site, but you must include the GPL license on your site and you cannot prohibit others from copying and modifying your version.
  2. You are free to copy the pictures and soundclips, although I do not own them and I cannot give you "legal" permission to display them.
  3. You cannot copy any Fan Fictions as I do not own them.
  4. Certain images are copyrighted by, and you cannot copy those. (generally any image that is not from the show.)


Grace Brothers
Last Modified April 1, 1999.
The Fans of British Comedy (Text)