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Friday, 12 November 2004
To me, it's not the amendment, it's the method behind it
So, once again President Bush wants to try to get a Constitutional ban on gay/lesbian marriage. I guess I am at ease with the fact that it would have a difficult time at best for getting out of Congress, and a worse yet chance of being ratified by 38 out of 50 states.

It is the fact, however, that this amendment, which is doomed since its inception, is being used to frighten the Christian Conservatives into voting Republican. I mean, just because you allow gay marriage does NOT mean that the moral fiber of the United States is coming unravelled.

Imagine, if you will, that you are a gay man. You have been with your lover of 15 years. He suddenly is in a major car accident. He is dying in ICU. Under current laws, you would have no visitation rights. Despite the fact his family hasn't spoken much to him in the last 10 years.

If he were to die from the accident, and he left everything to you, the family could contest the will, and, for the most part, win. So you put 15 years of love and patience, heartache, and sweat only to find out that in the end, when it was really needed, you couldn't be there for him.

He lists you as the beneficiary to his insurance policy, but because of litigation, you cannot claim the money because his family has gotten the courts to win them the money.

Now, you tell me how moral that is! I have to tell you all to wake up. Your life is not in danger. The fags are not taking over. Get your thumb out of your ass and start paying attention for once.

We do not want SPECIAL rights, just the SAME rights. Call it what you will... Gay Marriage, Civil Union.... just grant us the same rights and privileges of a heterosexual married couple, and you can call it fagorama for all I care.

George W Bush and his Neo-Conservative values are the very things that will prevent us from becoming the United nation we were just after September 11, 2001. And the fact that YOU all re-elected him only leads me to believe this nation is far more stupid thatn I have ever given YOU all credit for.

Why, you ask, do I keep saying YOU??? Cause I voted for John Kerry, so don't blame me. I'll be taking Bill Clinton's lead and helping the Democratic Party continue to reunite itself with reality.

Peace out......

Posted by cdanelutti at 8:07 PM EST
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The First Warning
Mood:  caffeinated
It's amazing. I have joined the 21st century an created a blog. Now, this is not to replace my livejournal. This is where I will be doing all of my rantings and ravings. This is my soapbox. You are all welcomed to leave comments. I will only moderate those which violate Tripod & Lycos TOS.

Just a few words of warning here. The views and opinions expressed here are mine, and mine alone. If you don't like them, then leave. If you do, then stay. Either way, I am going to keep on posting what I want to post.

Also, I will let you know that I will not be polite about everything. These are opinions and feelings and sometimes I will come off angry, upset, frustrated, etc... so, bare that in mind.

Happy reading. If you have a blog, lemme know. I'll be sure to check it out.

Posted by cdanelutti at 7:52 PM EST
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