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Site History

Grace Brothers
Last Modified 02/09/2000
In 1993, Jeff Rice, then a college student, began running an AYBS site off of the computer in his dorm room.  The site focus on a single page: the episode summaries.

The site became featured on Yahoo during Yahoo's early days attracting a massive 8,000 hits in a single day.  The site was now too popular to run off of a dorm room computer and a move was made to Webcom. 

At Webcom, the Canteen, the original BBS system at the site, was born and quickly became the sites' focal point and carried the site through recent years.

The site once again outgrew the alloted space and restrictions and a brief move to DRH took place.  However, mismanagement there led to the site rapid movement to Clever.

After several years at Clever, along with a dwindling interest in maintaining the site, the original webmaster closed the site down at the beginning of January 2000.

However, Jeff Rice allowed, under the GPL, anyone to copy his information and use it on his or her own site.

Christopher Danelutti, the current webmaster of this site, took the licensing seriously and decided that the site needed to remain open in its complete form and not be hacked up peice meal and used here and there on other sites.  However, you may still use any images and information from this site under the GPL agreement in the legal pages.

Now hosted on Christopher's own Tripod account, the site continues the traditions set before it  by its first webmaster, Jeff Rice.

As to the future of this site?  Who knows.  All that can really be said is the site will maintain all the current information.  Also items will be added to the weath of information already available here.  But the integrity and basic spirit of the site will remain the same.

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