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Site News and Information

  • February 18, 2006: Updated pics on AYBS?A! Image Page, fixed broken links.
  • February 17, 2000: Created About Webmaster page
  • February 17, 2000: Created Site History page
  • February 12, 2000: Created the Site Info Page
  • February 12, 2000: Fixed a few minor HTML problems
  • February 11, 2000: Updated the More AYBS Page
  • February 11, 2000: Added Discussion and Visitors stats from the forum.
  • February 10, 2000: Created Message Boards and Chatrooms
  • February 09, 2000: After a brief hiatus, this site is back and running!

About This Site

This site was not created by Christopher Danelutti, but by Jeffery Rice who, up until the begining of 2000, was creater and webmaster of the AYBS Homepage.  After 7 years, he decided to close his site.  I thought that it would be a great idea to keep the site, which Jeff worked so very hard on, going. 

This is basically an archive of his site, however I had to change a few things.  The Q&A with John Inman, and all the fan fictions have been removed from this site due to possible copyright violations.  The buttons that Jeff used on the main page were removed and replaced with text hyperlinks.  And, The Canteen and Packing and Maintenence did not make the move over to our site.  I have, to replace those message boards.

This is only one of a few incarnations of this site.  This site's history expands back to the early 1990's when a college student with a love of a TV show created his AYBS homepage.  Now, 7 years later, a call center operator, with the same love of AYBS, is carrying on the torch he lit.


I cannot help but feel a bit of trepadation archiving this site -- no, recreating this site -- and assuming a webmaster role to it.  I am forever greatful that Jeff allowed the use of this site, including its design, for my site, and indeed other sites.  I felt that becoming part of the mad rush to dismantle and incororate pieces of info from this site into another one was just not my thing. 

Last of all, I missed this site.  I would visit it everyday and talk to the friends I had made over the message boards.  Then the site was closed. I had my own Tripod account, and was wondering how to place an AYBS page at my new site.  Then, it hit me, why not archive the old site. 

But it is now more that just an archive.  In the few months it has been open to the public, it has already began to take on different charactoristics.  And to me, the overall site, though it looks almost the same, is beginning to show signs of my personality being stamped on it.  And as time progresses, it will take on a life of its own.

And now I assume webmaster.  It is off to points unknown now.  I hope that you will come along with me.  I'd love to share this awesome ride with you, my friends!

Christopher Danelutti, webmaster.

Added February 19, 2006

Now that 2006 is upon us, and though my schedule over the last few years has been quite busy, I have a renewed dedication to this site. I had recieved an e-mail from a person who visited the site why it hadn't been updated in a long time, to which I explained the reason. I was replied to and urged to update the site, and so I am doing just that. A new look, new pics and screen caps, new information, updates to old, and new custome images will soon be the norm.

Also look for more powerful HTML, Java and XML codes over the next year to give the site a sleeker, more modern look.



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