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Where can I get more AYBS?


Grace Brothers
Last Modified 03/24/00

Where can I get:

Other AYBS Pages?
Video Tapes of AYBS?
Books about AYBS?
Mugs and t-shirts?
Fan Clubs for AYBS? or the actors?

Other Pages of AYBS and BritComs

The UnOfficial AYBS Fan Club:
Diana's Canteen:
The AYBS Virtual Video Vault:
Minki's AYBS Shrine:
The AYBS Executive Kharzi:
Grace Bros. Multimedia Department:
Ganymede's AYBS Pages:
The Fans of British Television:
KaronAnn's AYBS Sites:

Got a page, or know of a page?  E-mail me:

Where Can I get AYBS? Videos

Five videos are available, each with three episodes. They are available through a variety of sources, including Amazon books! We will have our bookstore up and running soon.

Are You Being Served? The Movie is available from

Please do not write me asking for copies. I would love to make copies for you if I could, but I couldn't possibly keep track of all the requests.

Where Can I get the AYBS? Book?

The AYBS? Book is published by KQED Books (a PBS station in San Francisco, and the best!) and sells for $17.95. The book contains about 250 pages and is in paperback form. Inside you will find a complete list of all shows including AYBS?A! and Aussy episodes. A brief biography of the cast members and crew, a brief discussion of the movie, a quiz, and other interesting information.

Where can I get mugs and t-shirts?

First, let me say this -- the mugs for sale are the same ones you get if you pledge to most PBS stations during their drives. However, when you pledge you are also buying more AYBS?. Please remember that simply because you buy the mugs doesn't mean you no longer have any reason to pledge!

Mugs and t-shirts are available from two sources:

Design House Int, contact via email.

BritsUSA also has them, with a picture on their webpage.

Where Can I find AYBS? Fan Clubs?

There are two fan clubs I know of that may be of interest to AYBS? Fans. Please note that I do not represent either fan club, nor am I a member of either.

The first is the Are You Being Served? International Fan Club, which boasts "photos, cartoons, cast member recipies, trivia, and much more." There is a quarterly newsletter. Write for membership information.
The address is

"Are You Being Served?" Fan Club
President: Marcia Richards
P.O. Box 451087
Garland, TX 75045-1087

The second is the John Inman Fan Club. They have two addresses listed by region.

The John Inman Fan Club
413 Spring Ridge Court
Sterling, VA 20164-1355

UK and Foreign:
The John Inman Fan Club
30 Lynwood Court
Rushams Road
West Sussex U.K.
RH12 2QA

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