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The Are You Being Served?


Are You Being Served? Again!



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The following is a list of the most frequently asked questions about the popular British Comedy Are You Being Served? and its sequel, Are You Being Served? Again!. If you have a question you think should be added, please write to me at

Section 1: Questions about the Show
Are You Being Served?
Are You Being Served? Again!
Section 2: Questions about the Actors
Section 3: Miscellaneous Questions

Questions about the Show

How many episodes of Are You Being Served? were made?
Are You Being Served? started filming in 1972 with the pilot episode and filmed through 1984, making a total of 69 episodes.
How many episodes of Are You Being Served? Again! were made?
Twelve episodes of Are You Being Served? Again! were filmed in 1992 and 1993.
When was the movie made?
The movie was made in 1977, and deals with a vacation taken by the staff. For more information, see the episode summaries.
Are any more episodes being filmed?
At present, there are no plans to film any more episodes, although the writers have some additional ideas for Are You Being Served? Again! and the actors have said they would be willing to continue.

Questions about the Actors

Why did Trevor Bannister leave the show?
Trevor Bannister (Mr. Lucas) left the show in 1979 to focus on his stage career. The filming schedule, when combined with his stage career, made continuing both impossible.
How can I contact the actors?
Postal addresses for most of the actors are available. The actors do not have email addresses, but they will usually respond to a letter.
Was Mollie Sugden's hair dyed, or did she wear a wig?
In the early episodes of the show, her hair was indeed dyed, then bleached and redyed the next color for the following episode. In the later series, thankfully, she wore wigs which had a less drastic result on her roots, not to mention her off-stage life.
Are all the actors still alive?
No, unfortunately several of the actors have passed away. These are Arthur English (Mr. Harmon), Arthur Brough (Mr. Grainger), Alfie Bass (Mr. Goldberg), Harold Bennett (Young Mr. Grace), and Larry Martyn (Mr. Mash). Also Benny Lee (Mr. Klein) and James Hayater (Mr. Tebbs).
Is John Inman ill?
Several years ago, Mr. Inman had to cancel a US Interview Tour due to a bout of pneumonia. I think this is the source of the rumor. However, Mr. Inman has recovered fully and is in good health.
Is Mr. Humphries gay?
There has been a lot of debate on this subject, but the general consensus seems to be yes. There are numerous references to his sexuality in a homosexual sense, but almost an equal number towards women on the show. Judge for yourself ... is it really important?

Miscellaneous Questions

Where can I get copies of the episodes?
Tapes are available of Are You Being Served!, from the early seasons. More are slowly being released. You can get more information here. Do not email me asking me to make you copies of the episodes or the movie.
Where can I get a copy of the movie?
Are You Being Served? The Movie is now for sale from
Are there any books about Are You Being Served? Available?
Several books are currently available. The first is entitled Are You Being Served?. The book contains biographies of the major actors, information about the conception of the show, and another episode list.
What about mugs and t-shirts?
First, let me say this -- the mugs for sale are the same ones you get if you pledge to most PBS stations during their drives. However, when you pledge you are also buying more AYBS?. Please remember that simply because you buy the mugs doesn't mean you no longer have any reason to pledge! Mugs and t-shirts are available from two sources: Design House Int, contact via email.
BritsUSA also has them, with a picture on their webpage.
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